the 23rd & the 24th of May / Amsterdam

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We are proud to represent Champagne Romain Guistel, because we believe in: Respect, Trust and Tradition.

250 years of a rich family history are the reason to believe in their products, are the reason to get introduced with this Champagne, and enjoy its wonderful taste!! This real Champagne, born in the heart of the Champagne region, is still in the same way of production: One field, one grape, one distillery.. Manual Harvest, Champagne traditional press!! Romain Guistel’s fields are located in Damery, on “Les cauteaux de Champagne”, and here grows the famous Chardonnay, which is one of the best grapes of the Planet Earth. “Romain Guistel” will assure your pleasure while drinking Champagne, in any chosen moment!! This treasure is to be discovered..

Champagne Space - Grande Cru Bottle Grande Cru Bottle
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Champagne Space - Gravoure Extasy Gravoure Extasy
Champagne Space - Gravoure Group Gravoure Group
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